About CDS

About Colorado Data Solutions

Colorado Data Solutions was founded in 1991 by James Doyle Crum to offer database solutions to businesses of all sizes. Since that time we have expanded our offerings to included website design services, home and office PC repair, network administration, dental office technical support and medical offices as well. Since day one our polices have been about custom satisfaction and support. We always strive to make every customer feel like our only customer and do what it takes to make every customer happy. CDS never uses foreign labor and everything is done in house with our employees in Colorado.

Website Design
CDS has created hundreds of websites for every type of company you can imagine. We build every website from the ground up to be the best in your industry and build it so that your customers/clients can understand and use it with ease. We also build it with search engine optimization in mind. So that your businesses website will come up in the search engine results.

Home and Office PC Repair
CDS has helped count less home and office customers install, repair and keep they computers working. No matter what is wrong CDS can diagnose the issue and resolve it, fast and proficient.

Dental Offices
For the last 6 years CDS had helped many Dental offices keep they computers and software running smoothly. We know that you can not have your digital charts down during business hours or ever. We have worked with many of the top software you use everyday. From Dentrix to xdent we can help. We can ever help you with digital bitewings and other offices/medical instruments you use.

Network Administration
It doesn’t matter if you have a simple network with a router or a huge 500 user network all running through a single gateway. We have been dealing with Networks of every size for years. Rest assured we have worked on it and can fix it no matter what the issue is.